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This blogs contain news related to fashion , Movies , superstition and foods

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  • Eid Kurtis by Al-Karam

    30 June 2014

    As Ramadan has been started with all blessings, Muslims prayed and keep fasting for the whole month. When Ramadan reach to ending, people especially women purchased different kind of Eid clothes for themselves and as well as their children . Girls, now...

  • summer lawn 2

    27 May 2014 ( #lawn kurtis )

    As i said before that what we wear in summer .. This blog is interested for those who are fashion lovers....... Now a days Kurtis are in especially in summers at reasonable prices . i purchased many Kurtis from well known shop GUL AHMED . Summer sale...

  • New arrivals of Kurtis (2014)

    30 June 2014

    As Eid soon come in Pakistan and many Countries of the World , Kurtis are now a days sign of Passion for Girls ....... Let's check out latest arrivals of Kurtis .. Feel free to ask,comment and like!! Suggestions of yours are precious for us !!!! 2195...

  • Ramadan(Month Of Blessing)

    02 July 2014

    Ramadan, month of blessing for Muslims,is a month for fasting and prayer of God and sake blessings from God as well as to ask pardon of sin from Allah. In Ramadan, Muslims keps fast and and open roza at the prayer of Magrib. In this blessing month .we...

  • AJRAK (the sign of arts)

    29 May 2014

    Ajrak is the main culture of Pakistan and it's available everywhere in Pakistan. Pakistani handicraft men have skills in making different kinds of goods coated with Ajrak. Basically, Ajrak has different colours and has different kind of mirror works....

  • latest summer kurtis 2014

    27 May 2014

    Kurtis are wear a lot now a days ..As summer starts you can find branded Kurtis at cheap price because of SALE which also make women craziest towards Kurtis . What's the latest fashion of Kurties and HOW we find it at Cheapest price ? Kurtis sale now...

  • FooD Found in Karachi

    29 May 2014

    Food in Karachi is not only available for Pakistani but for foreign as well . So,For Karachities the most ever popular food available in Markets Like sadder . Food street are well famous in Karachi as well Whereas Burns Road is well famous As far as Foreign...

  • Pakistani Army (we are with you)

    02 July 2014

    Pakistan Army won't need any introduction,from old to child everyone knows Pakistan brave army. Now a days, our army started action against Taliban, Each and every person know who are they(Taliban) , they are the one who slaughtered many people even Muslims...

  • Eid

    11 July 2014

    Eid which is the most happiest and beneficial festival of Muslims,is celebrated throughout the country . On this occasion , women usually make sheer kurma and pooris to serve to guest This day starts with praying to Allah for better future of Pakistan...

  • Vacations of Sana & Fukhir

    08 June 2014

    The gorgeous & Talented couple Sana and Fukhir now a days spend their vacation in foreign Countries along with their families and Son .. Check out the Latest Pictures of their Vacations.. Like and Comments would be appreciated !!!! Any Comment ?

  • Nida & Yasir Daughter's birthday

    10 June 2014

    Well famous couple Nida and Yasir few day ago celebrated their Daughter birthday . Let's Check out the celebration Pictures Press " LIKE" if you like each picture............. Any Comment ?

  • S.M Public Academy-2

    18 August 2014

    Well today we are discussing on an educational center namely S.M public Academy . Today's conversation is almost done on S.m Public-2.Firstly, an educational center is one who is responsible for making it's child a wise man in terms of Knowledge, capability...

  • Summer & Eid Collection 2014

    30 May 2014

    This year eid comes in Summer , So designers now design that kind of clothes which can also be wear in Eid as well. Here are Some Fab Design Clothes Of summer and Eid at Reasonable price .. MIX COLLECTION OF AL - KARIM and FIRDOUS Lawn.. Price range :...

  • ARY Family Festival 2014

    30 May 2014

    ARY arrange Family festival for families where they can have fun with Food , Different Shows and many variety of Things waited to all. Passes are free for families Venue: Expo Center Karachi Date: 31st May & 1st June, 2014 Timings: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm Pictures...

  • Vacations of Saud & Javeria (2014)

    08 June 2014

    The lollywwod star usually spent their vacations in foreign Countries with their family . Saud and Javeria now recently spend their Vacations in Foreign Countries. So, Let's check out their recent pictures

  • Bridal Mehndi Designs 2014

    31 May 2014

    Bridals Mehndi which are in now a days are as follows

  • Colors and Designs of Summer for Ladies 2014

    31 May 2014

    The most worrying situation in Summer is what to wear and which color is brightened your personality .. Here are few Designs that help you in Summer .....

  • Faisal Qureshi With his Doll

    30 November 2014

    Check out the Latest Pictures Aayat(Faisal Qureshi's Daughter)

  • Skills in Comman man's hands

    29 May 2014

    In Pakistan we have variety of skills persons who have talent in their hand .. Pakistani products are now demanded in other Countries as well ... Here are some Pots and items which are demanded in other countries as well


    27 October 2014

    Now a days , competition has just boost in every field whether its profession, education and others. Professional field is based on your educational background . So , finding what professional do i choose , you need to first answer what is my educational...

  • What to wear in summer ?

    27 May 2014 ( #summer fashion )

    Each and every person now a days want to look decent and clothing plays a important to bright the personality of a person but in summers what to wear ? This question might trouble girls especially so this blog helps to tell the latest fashion that you...

  • Azaan Sami Khan' Son

    18 June 2014

    Few months ago, son of Adnan Sami blessed with the cute son . Let's find out the picture of his sweet baby boy! Ek Like to banta hai boss

  • New Arrival in Sheikh's Family

    07 June 2015

    So here brings the another latest news on Javed Sheikh's Family. His son became Dad few moths ago and now his daughter gave birth a baby boy few days ago... Pictures will be uploaded on demand:)

  • Heat Stroke to be strike in Pakistan

    21 April 2016

    Heat stroke is supposed to be strike in Karachi, pakistan for the next few days. Everyone needs to take care of themselves and others too. Plantation is more necessary for an initial step towards minimizing Heat Stroke

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This blogs contain news related to fashion , Movies , superstition and foods