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18 Aug

S.M Public Academy-2

Published by unknown

Well today we are discussing on an educational center namely S.M public Academy . Today's conversation is almost done on S.m Public-2.Firstly, an educational center is one who is responsible for making it's child a wise man in terms of Knowledge, capability and other things.In Pakistan,you can find wide variety of Schools in very corner which is very good.

S.m public is also a School whose objective is to provide best education for it's students, idea must be appreciated but the thing is who makes the students educated ?

The Books ?

Student Capability?

Well, we all know the answer of this question......

Pillars of any school is its teacher but S.m public has lost teachers who are well qualified and educated... Success of S.m public was his physics and Maths teacher and he is none other than Sir Shahid but unfortunately he quite his job or might be some another reason which is not clear till now ( if someone has any info post it free)......

Now, the quality of their teaching goes to diminish day by day and since it's only key of success is to make students Book worms like ratta and ratta and ratta..............
Students are not able to speak English (this school is an English medium) because its teacher couldn't talk to students in English.....
This thing differentiate a matric school to A's level school but comparison of fees wouldnot make any huge difference..........

Think which one is better !!?


S.M Public Academy-2
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Thank you all for giving feedbacks....

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This blogs contain news related to fashion , Movies , superstition and foods